WHAT IS ArabViews

ArabViews is an online research community that is membership-based whereby members interact with the platform by participating in studies and polls continuously. The platform runs a loyalty program that rewards members (panelists) for completing surveys and other actions and the main objective of the rewarding system is to keep members engaged and The platform has a publication arm that aims at keeping users engaged and informed, and providing a birds-eye view over the state of the kingdom on pressing topics.


ArabViews is an online community that enables Arabs to express their opinions on subjects that matter in a safe, interactive, and friendly environment. Opinions aren’t only heard, but built upon to become the foundation for strategies that aim for positive change. Our vision is to become the community of choice for sharing views and opinions , where Arabs are triggered to come not only because they know they will make a difference while having a pleasant experience, but also to get motivated to improve themselves and their society.